ROS By Example

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System.  The first book on ROS, complete with source code and multiple Python examples including SLAM, face tracking, depth vision, speech recognition and controlling Dynamixel servos.  Available in paperback and downloadable PDF.  Originally written for ROS Electric, now available for ROS Hydro and Indigo.

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RBX Vol 2

Packages and Programs for Advanced Robot Behaviors.  The second book in the ROS By Example series.  Topics include task managers such as SMACH and Behavior Trees, creating URDF models, advanced control of Dynamixel servos, arm navigation using MoveIt!, ROS diagnostics, dynamic reconfigure, AR Tags for object tracking, topic multiplexing, head tracking in 3D, the Gazebo simulator, and creating a web GUI for your robot.   Includes many working Python examples explained in excruciating detail. Currently available in paperback and downloadable PDF for ROS Hydro and Indigo.

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