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The First Book on ROS: ROS By Example (Volume 1)

ROS By Example

The first book on ROS, complete with source code and multiple Python examples involving SLAM, face tracking, depth vision, speech recognition, and working with Dynamixel servos. Available in paperback and downloadable PDF.  Originally written for ROS Electric, currently available for ROS Hydro and Indigo:

The Sequel: ROS By Example Volume 2

RBX Volume 2

Volume 2 of the ROS By Example series covers more advanced ROS packages and robot behaviors including task managers like SMACH and behavior trees, creating URDF models, advanced control of Dynamixel servos, head tracking in 3D, arm navigation using MoveIt, writing a web GUI for your robot using rosbridge, ROS diagnostics, tracking AR tags, and using the Gazebo robot simulator.  Includes many open source examples written in Python with detailed line-by-line explanations.  Available in paperback and downloadable PDF. Currently available for ROS Hydro and Indigo:

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Greetings Humans

Pi Kinected

The Pi Robot project began in December 2005. The first couple of years involved testing several different body plans, microcontrollers, sensors, servos and drive motors. The next step was the development of a modular programming frame work for coordinating sensory data and motor commands into autonomous behaviors. Around the same time, Willow Garage was developing ROS, the Robot Operating System.  In 2010, Pi jumped on the ROS train and has been running ROS ever since.  Pi's appearance has changed over time to experiment with different software and hardware configurations.  A "Turtlebot Pi" and a table top Pi with one arm appear in the photo to the left.  Pi has also experimented with an omnidirectional vision system (like the one shown below).

It would also be nice to give Pi a self-balancing wheel base, like that used on the Segway, or an omnidirectional holonomic drive system like the three-wheeled Rovio shown below.

Click the links on the left to see more pictures and videos of Pi and Peppy (both then and now) as well as Rovio. For the latest postings and news, check on Pi Robot's new Wordpress site.

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