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Sep 2013:
Behavior Trees: Simple yet Powerful AI for your Robot
Jun 2013:
MoveIt! The new motion planning framework from Willow Garage
Jan 2013:
Pi Robot Meets Arduino

Jan 2012:
Pi Robot Passes First Navigation Endurance Test
Nov 2011:ROS by Example: Head Tracking in 3D Part 2
Oct 2011:
ROS by Example: Speech Recogition and Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Jun 2011:
ROS package released for pi_face_tracker

Jun 2011:
Pi Robot does Face Tracking

Apr 2011:
A Roadmap for Pi Robot
Mar 2011:
ROS by Example: Head Tracking in 3D (Part 1)

Jan 2011:
ROS for the Rest of Us - a talk given to the Home Brew Robotics Club
Jan 2011:
Serializer ROS package released
Nov 2010:
Skeleton Tracker Teleoperation Package for Mobile Robot
Dec 2010:
ROS by Example: Head Tracking using OpenCV

Nov 2010: Robot Cartography: ROS + SLAM
Nov 2010: Pi Robot Meets ROS